Mentors of young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue 2013 – 2014







Lidia Nistor, mentor of Eva Štrakl


My name is Lidia Nistor and I’m a young teacher from Braila, Romania. I like to organize extra-curricular activities for and with my students in order to educate and encourage overall personal development and to get equipped with universal knowledge and local values. (more…)

David Redrago, mentor of Lara Jerkovič


My name is David Redrago and I am from Pamplona, the capital of Navarre, a small district in the North of Spain.I am a social worker and a monitor of free time and leisure looking for a job (but it´s really difficult) and this year I am going to start my Master about Intervention with people, families and groups. (more…)

May Alzoubi, mentor of Ana Bevk


My name is May, I’m a young Jordanian girl, I studied Telecommunication Engineering, and working as a project coordinator in one of NGO’s in Jordan. (more…)

Yan Kie Man, mentor of Ana Skledar


My name is Yan Kie Man. I’m 27 years old. I live in south of the Netherlands. I’m a graduate secretary. I like to keep on learning about languages and cultures. I’m also into art and history. (more…)

Maria Del Carmen Torres Nuñez, mentor of Daša Lazar


I am Carmen Torres and I have been working as a teacher since 2009. I have been a teacher of modern languages in formal and non-formal education. I am also a volunteer in an NGO in Malaga and I have been international mentor for kids and teenagers in Belarus this summer. (more…)

Laura Iličić, mentor of Tina Pejič


My name is Laura Iličić. I’m 16 years old. I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I finished primary education in Novska, and I started my high school education also in Novska. (more…)

Gorica Vasilevska, mentor of Mitja Kramljak


Hello, my name is Gorica Vasilevska and I am from Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia. I am 21 years old and currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at South East European University in Tetovo. (more…)

Katarina Vučković, mentor of Šejla Alibabič


My name is Katarina Vučković and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I spend my whole life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and started my community participation in high school. Now I´m the executive director at PRONI Center for youth development in Brcko District. (more…)