Young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue 2013 – 2014







Ana Curk, young ambassador of Ukraine

ana curk

I am Ana Curk, I come form Vipava. I am eighteen years old. I occupy myself with music, I sing and play in an orchestra. I realy like to travel and learn foreign languages. My mentor is Daria Kumeda.


Ingrid Volk, young ambassador of Turkey

ingrid volk

I am Ingrid Volk, I am seventeen years old and I come form town called Dane pri Sežani. In my free time I like to travel, watch movies and listen to the music. (more…)

Anja Bratina, young ambassador of Germany

anja bratina

My name is Anja Bratina. I am 17 years old. I´ve decided for a function of young ambassador of intercultural dialouge because I am interested in differnet countries, their culture and people who live there. I find it interesting to get in touch with someone from foreign country. (more…)

Petra Česen, young ambassador of Great Britain

petra cesen

My name is Petra Česen and I am 17 years old. I come from a small city in Slovenia. Our family has 6 members. I also have a dog, called Tara. In my free time I like playing piano, tambura and making bobbin lace, going for walks in the nature and hanging out with my friends. (more…)

Karmen Mella, young ambassador of Great Britain

karmen mella

My name is Karmen Mella. I live in Ajdovščina and i am visiting Veno Pilon Secondary School. I am the only child in our family. I have 2 goldfishes, named Oto and Bine. I have finished 6-years of music school and I am playing piano. I want to study languages because they are very interesting to me. (more…)

Tomaš Črnigoj, young ambassador of Sweden

tomas cernigoj

My name is Tomaž Črnigoj, I´ve lived through sixteen springs and I´m form Ajdovščina. I like meeting new people and learning about their cultures. It is a fact that each person knows something that you don’t know and from each of them you can learn somethnig new. The more cultural differences there is between two people, more you can learn. (more…)

Staša Brecelj, young ambassador of Poland

stasa brecelj

I am Staša, I am 17 years old and I am training handball. I chose to become a young ambassador of intrecultural dialogue because I want to get to know more about other countries and their cultures and also because I want to travel and learn about Poland, the country that I chose. My mentor Monika Zławska lives in Poland. (more…)

Mariša Tripkovič, young ambassador of Bolgaria

merisa tripkovic

I am Mariša Tripkovič and I am seventeen years old. I come from Ajdovščina. We live together with grandmother. I have an older brother. I am visiting Secondary School in Ajdovščina. In my free time I play handball. (more…)

Urška Čuk, young ambassador of Rusia

urska cuk

My name is Urška and I am seventeen years old. My favourite colour is blue. I like food which is one of the reasons I have decided for this project. I am interested in other cultures and consequently their food. (more…)

Anja Slemič, young ambassador of Albania

anja slemic

My name is Anja Slemič, I am seventeen and I come form Ajdovščina. In my free time I am occupyed with music, I like singing, playing guitar, piano and accordion. I spend a lot of the time in the kitchen because I love to cook and bake. I also like dancing and jogging. (more…)

Jerneja Stibilj, young ambassador of Tunisia

jerneja stibilj

I am Jerneja Stibilj, I am seventeen years old and I come from a small village Ustje near Ajdovščina. In the purpose of education I have chosen Secondary School in Ajdovščina and as for my further education I am interested in something regarding toursim, languages and foreing cultures. (more…)

Ivana Polanc, young ambassador of Romunia

ivana polanc

I am Ivana Polanc, I am seventeen years old and I live in Ajdovščina. I am visiting third year at Secondary school Veno Pilon in Ajdovščina. I train handball for 8 year now and I really enjoy it. (more…)