Young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue 2013 – 2014







Tina Pejič, young ambassador of Croatia

tina pejic

My name is Tina. I am seventeen years old and I come from Sežana. I really like to travel and because of that I have decided to become young ambassador of Croatia. I decided for this country because it is close to my heart. I am Croatian and this is also another reason for my decision. (more…)

Živka Taseva, young ambassador of France

zivka teseva

My name is Živka Taseva, I am seventeen years old and I am visiting second year at Secondary school of Forestry and Wood Science in Postojna. I like reading books and I listening to the music. In my free time I like reading and writing. (more…)

Šejla Alibabič, young ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina

sejla alibabic

I am Šejla Alibabič and I live in Sežana. I have visited many other countries (Austria, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, …) but Bosnia and Herzegovina is somehow closest to my heart because my father´s ancestors originate from there. (more…)

Monika Semič, young ambassador of Marocco

monika semic

I am Monika Semič, I am 16 years old and I come from surroundings of Ajdovščina. I always love to participate in diverse projects with different groups and associations, through which it is unavoidable to learn something new, to experience something really unforgettable and to get to know new people from everywhere. (more…)

Anja Globačnik, young ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina

anja globacnik

My name is Anja Globačnik and I come from Slovenj Gradec. I am 17 years old. I like travelling and animals very much. Mostly I spend my free time with my friends and family or I read a good book. I have a dog named Luu who goes with me nearly everywhere. (more…)

Ana Penca, young ambassador of Armenia

ana penca

My name is Ana Penca and I live in a small town in the region of Dolenjska. As the oldest child in the family, I often find myself in the role of the “peace activist” and the “commander” Štefka :). I adore the sea on sunny days, autumn nights by the fire and winter days in the snow. I enjoy making my own music and singing. As far as I can remember, I strive for equality and I try to act righteously. In my opinion, people act different than it is in their nature because of their fear of unknown. (more…)

Jerca Završnik, young ambassador of Norway

jerca zavrsnik

My name is Jerca Završnik, I am 17 year old and I come from Novo mesto. I have a sister Zala who studies English and Russian language. She is the one who made me enthusiastic about languages and other cultures. (more…)

Dora Kavčič, young ambassador of Slovakia

dora kavcic

My name is Dora Kavčič. I am 17 year old and I live in a small city in Slovenia. In my free time I like climbing, taking pictures and dancing. (more…)

Ajda Marjanovič, young ambassador of Belgium

ajda marjanovic

I am Ajda Marjanovič from Sežana. I decided to choose Belgium as young ambassador of intercultural dialogue because I have visited it last year and I really liked it. Belgium is because of the European institutions (European parliament, Commission…) important also for people of Slovenia. (more…)

Rebeka Kobal, young ambassador of Greece

rebeka kobal

Hi, I’m Rebeka Kobal. I came from the surroundings of Ajdovščina. I am 17 year old. Because I like to travel, socialize and meet new people, especially those, who come from foreign countries, I have decided to become young ambassador of intercultural dialogue and I represent Greece.