Gorica Vasilevska, mentor of Mitja Kramljak


Hello, my name is Gorica Vasilevska and I am from Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia. I am 21 years old and currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at South East European University in Tetovo. I am studying Business Administration and in the future I see myself as a company Manager. Outside of the University I am an active volunteer in NGO Multikultura from Tetovo since 2009. I like voluntary work, meeting new people, cultures, traveling and sharing my experience. In my spare time I like to watch sport (especially football and basketball) and I love to play basketball with friends.

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

There are many prejudices in the world. In different generations the youngsters are no exception. They have barriers in their heads if they are saying that their culture is the best and do not respect others. In my opinion intercultural dialogue is a very important base for connecting young people. Intercultural dialogue is helping to develop a deeper understanding of diversity and helps people to understand each other and gives them freedom to clearly state their opinion.