May Alzoubi, mentor of Ana Bevk


My name is May, I’m a young Jordanian girl, I studied Telecommunication Engineering, and working as a project coordinator in one of NGO’s in Jordan. My personality is full of ambitious, my optimal model is Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, I love to travel and explore new languages, cultures and countries; I’ve always been interested in cross-cultural dialogue and transcending the imaginary geography that creates “the other”. Voluntary work is one of my life parts and helping me to learn new skills, have fun and make a difference and getting to travel… By being a volunteer I can spend an extended period of time in a new country and interacting with new cultures, trying new food, speaking new languages and meeting new people.

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

Because it’s the best possible way of communication tool to understand other cultures, other people, even if we have differences between each other, like gender, religion, culture or age, dialogue can bring us all together.