Jerneja Stibilj, young ambassador of Tunisia

jerneja stibilj

I am Jerneja Stibilj, I am seventeen years old and I come from a small village Ustje near Ajdovščina. In the purpose of education I have chosen Secondary School in Ajdovščina and as for my further education I am interested in something regarding toursim, languages and foreing cultures. What’s important to me in life is primarily my family and my friends. I like spending time with people, dancing, partying, visiting different places. In short I want to experience life as much as posible and get to know new things. I mostly enjoy in the summer because I love the sun and the sea. I have decided for participation in the MAMD project because I was really entusiastic about the workshop that was performed at our school and it really got me thinking. I want and wish to get to know as many different cultures, learn as much lanugages as possible, get to visit and travel through as much cities as I can and primarily get to know people around the world.