Lidia Nistor, mentor of Eva Štrakl


My name is Lidia Nistor and I’m a young teacher from Braila, Romania. I like to organize extra-curricular activities for and with my students in order to educate and encourage overall personal development and to get equipped with universal knowledge and local values. The main aim of the activities I coordinate is to fulfil the students’ social needs besides academic necessities. I like to travel because being in direct contact with people from abroad offers me the chance to learn new things, to discover new cultures, to grow in my understanding of diverse cultures and communities, to develop an in-depth cultural awareness and to enhance intercultural sensitivity.

I am a member of a national NGO that aims to support the development of psychology in different domains and to get involved in organizing professional programmes, training courses, cultural, scientific, educational and humanitarian activities and projects. I am a mediator between the NGO and schools, I organise activities in order to promote the importance of being a volunteer.

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

Intercultural dialogue helps people to broaden their cultural horizon. Interacting with other cultures helps not only to understand different cultures but also to be aware of your own traditions, customs and culture.