Mahmoud Tharwat, mentor of Tjaša Vajsbaher


I’m Mahmoud from Giza, Egypt. I live around 20 minutes away from Giza pyramids. I’m a fresh graduate with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. I’m interested in intercultural dialogue especially between European and Arab youth. I’m working on a mini-project in AEGEE|EuroArab project called “Stereotypes…Stair To Types!!”. Its main aim is to use stereotypes as a tool for mutual understanding and intercultural learning instead of a tool for xenophobia and discrimination. It’s an honor for me to represent Egyptian culture and I hope that I can transfer its diversity, beauty and richness.

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

I believe that intercultural dialogue is so essential for the global society and it’s not luxury. We have a saying in Arabic “The unknown is the enemy of person”. Intercultural dialogue can help overcome these “unknowns” from different cultures. So intercultural dialogue can protect the globe from many possible conflicts between different nations. That leads to saving many human and natural resources which could be lost in these conflicts and wars.