Leonardo García Díaz, mentor of Eva Sešel


Hi people!! I´m Leonardo García Díaz, from Spain and I´m 25 years old. My professions are industrial designer and car mechanic. Now I´m on European Voluntary Service in Slovenia. Firstly I got information about this programme (Youth in action) in February this year when I went to Turkey for an Intercultural Exchange on the theme people with disabilities. There I discovered this big chance to learn about other cultures, other languages, to meet friends around Europe and of course to have fun in an international surrounding. After that I came back to Turkey, but this time for one month. Now I will be in Slovenia for nine months. So my intercultural experience is getting bigger. I feel really good when I set new objectives, like improving my English, introducing myself in a new society, creating team work with people from different countries and generally overcoming all the obstacles on the way.

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

From my point of view, there are so many problems around the world, like racism, xenophobia, wars etc. and with this kind of programme we can create a better society, teaching young people how important it is to overcome of all the prejudices we usually have about people, cultures, countries… We are the future, so let’s make the world a place for living in peace!