Ana-Marija Karadjovska, mentor of Bislim Halil

ana marija

Hi everyone! I’m Ana-Marija from Bitola, Macedonia, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying French and English. I am a part of an amateur theatre group and a few NGOs, I love reading books, listening to music and attending different types of events. Having always enjoyed intercultural exchanges, exploring about different customs, traditions and ways of life, but also sharing mine with others, I’ve decided to join this project as a mentor for my country, thinking it would be fun, helpful and educational at the same time. Well then, may the co-operation and intercultural dialogue begin!

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

Intercultural dialogue is the imperative these days, since cultures, nationalities and people tend to mix more and more and without it, their communication would be quite difficult.