Human rights apply to all

The Youth Council of the Municipality of Slovenian Konjice (MSOSK) in the project Youth Ambassadors for Intercultural Dialogue (MAMD) Hour intercultural dialogue first performed even at an elementary school Loče, secondly, already Elementary School At the Dravinja and Primary School Pohorje Battalion Oplotnica.
In the first two of these was the theme of uric Muslim culture. Guests Faila Bišić Pasic, from the Society UP tirelessly answering questions from children. Also at primary school the Pohorje Battalion Oplotnica where time inform the LGBT community, questions answered Mitja Blazic from the Society Legebitra. Young presented the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and the Act on the implementation of equal treatment.
Through the acquisition of real information from the lives of the guests they again fell stereotypes and prejudices. Hour of intercultural dialogue in four different themes are so far included 250 children from a primary school in the broader local operating environment MSOSK.

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