Young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue from OŠ Ob Dravinji, Slovenske Konjice

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“I think that intercultural dialogue is the best way to connect and to get to know youngsters from different countries and cultures.” (Maša)

“In the project Young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue I like mostly the exploration of different cultures and connecting to peers from other countries. I believe that getting to know other cultures and accepting them widens our horizon and helps us in finding ways to coexist in diversity.” (Sara)

“For me intercultural dialogue is meeting new people, their culture, customs… In the project YAID I like that we can communicate with peers from other cultures and get to know them through relaxed chatting.” (Tamara)

“It’s interesting for me to get to know other cultures… For me intercultural dialogue is when I correspond with someone from a different country in order to get to know him or her.” (Ivana)

“We should accept different people because it’s a fact that we are really all different and that we have different character. My message to my peers is that they shouldn’t give in to stereotypes or judge people before they get to know them. (Brina)

“In the project YAID I like most of all the opportunity to get to know other cultures, languages and interesting specialities of different nations. That’s why I really like to cooperate with peers from other countries.” (Špela)

“I acknowledge all cultures because every single one has a purpose. Each one has also a different kind of significance and impact in the society development. My message to my peers regarding the acceptance of different cultures is that we are all human beings and that we should accept each other the way we are without making differences and negative judgments.” (Arijana)

“In the project YAID I like the opportunity to get to know different cultures and make new friendships while at it.” (Vanessa)


The coordinator of the project YAID on primary school Ob Dravinji in Slovenske Konjice was teacher Katja Holobar. She also shared her thoughts about the project and interculturalism:

Katja_Holobar (Small)“The aim of cooperation of our school in the project YAID was to contribute to the creation of a safe and tolerant school environment in which we can educate children in the spirit of acceptance of diversity. We want to achieve that the pupils develop zero tolerance towards socially unacceptable behaviour and all kinds of discrimination.

On our school there are a lot of children coming from foreign language environments and we noticed that the workshops Hours of intercultural dialogue contributed a lot to enhancement of tolerance and acceptance of the different. They also contributed to a more efficient integration of immigrant children. In the future we would like more cooperation like this because the workshops were really qualitative, professional and correct and in my opinion absolutely achieved their aim.”


Project YAID is in 2014 – 2015 implemented by Local Youth Council of Slovenske Konjice and cofinanced by Financial mechanism EEA and Norway Grants 2009 – 2014.