6th Sveti Nikola secondary comprehensive school, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

“I come from a kind of a lost generation. I still remember the time when I couldn’t go out of Bulgaria and I couldn’t speak openly as I would like to. My father’s family was considered a kind of enemy for the socialist party government, so I learned from my parents how important it is to feel free to exchange ideas, traditions and values with people all over the world. And
I have never suffered of too much patriotism, so I now feel a citizen of the world.

Stara_Zagora777In our school we carried out four or five European projects so far. I think the most important benefit wasn’t not only the mobility (most of the teachers visited their colleagues all over Europe) but the exchange of ideas and positive energy. I strongl
y believe this will change many people’s thinking. Not very soon but forever!” (Diana Dimitrova, coordinator of mentors of young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue from Bulgaria)