Karolina Gostečnik, young ambassador of Greece

karolina gostecnik

My name is Karolina Gostečnik. I come from Radlje ob Dravi (Koroška). I´ve decided to apply and become a young ambassador when they intruduced us the project during the Intercultural hours that took place at our school. The reason why is that I don´t know much about the subject but I would like to learn and meet new people. I understand intercultural dialouge as understanding cultures around the world, getting to know people with different roots, customs and different way of life as I have and championship of them and their rights. I think that a mans´ very important quality is to realize bad thoughts and rumors about someone different than you and to accept him/her in your life as a friend and a person you can learn a lot from. I´ve decided to represent Greece. My mentor is Charikleia Santi.