Mentors of young ambassadors of intercultural dialogue 2013 – 2014







Nikola Stanojkovic, mentor of Gabi Cener

Nikola stojanovic

I am Nikola, I am 21 years old and I live in Belgrade. I have worked for seven years in an NGO and 13 years dealing with the preservation and fostering cultural traditions of Europe. (more…)

Charikleia Santi, mentor of Karolina Gostenčnik

Charikleia Santi

Hello everybody! My name is Kleri and I am 28 years old. I am from a Greek island, Lesvos but I currently live in Spain, in Gran Canaria Island, in a village near Las Palmas. I am a volunteer in the EVS program and I work in a youth office so I already have some experience in working with young people. (more…)

Ana-Marija Karadjovska, mentor of Bislim Halil

ana marija

Hi everyone! I’m Ana-Marija from Bitola, Macedonia, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying French and English. I am a part of an amateur theatre group and a few NGOs, I love reading books, listening to music and attending different types of events. (more…)

Elena Kolechenok, mentor of Urška Čuk

elena kolenchenok

I am from Russia and I am a youth worker in Karelian Regional Youth Centre (state organization) and the President (a head) of Interregional Youth Public Movement “AVARD Association” (NGO). In IYPM “AVARD Association” I’ve worked since 2005. Annually we carry out about 30 events and social projects, including on international and bilateral issues. (more…)

Elif Koyuncuk, mentor of Nika Petelinek


I am Elif Koyuncuk I am 27 years old and I am from Turkey. I work as an EVS volunteer in Mladinski center Dravinjske doline in Slovenske Konjice. (more…)

Leonardo García Díaz, mentor of Eva Sešel


Hi people!! I´m Leonardo García Díaz, from Spain and I´m 25 years old. My professions are industrial designer and car mechanic. Now I´m on European Voluntary Service in Slovenia. (more…)

Liga Zvirbule, mentor of Leila Winkler

liga zvibule

My name is Liga Zvirbule, I come from Latvia and live in Latvia’s capital – Riga. I am proud that I am Latvian. Latvia’s has a rich cultural historic heritage. (more…)

Robert Šumski, mentor of Brina Brigadir


My name is Robert. I’m 23 years old. I am of Polish origin, but I was born and live in Lithuania currently studying Master of Social Technology. I am a member and the coordinator in a few local organizations. (more…)

Mahmoud Tharwat, mentor of Tjaša Vajsbaher


I’m Mahmoud from Giza, Egypt. I live around 20 minutes away from Giza pyramids. I’m a fresh graduate with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. I’m interested in intercultural dialogue especially between European and Arab youth. (more…)

Lutjona Lula, mentor of Anja Slemič


I am Lutjona Lula from Tirana, 21 years old and I currently graduated at the University of Tirana, Department of Political Sciences. Starting from this September I am continuing my master studies at University of Belgrade with an emphasis on South Eastern European Studies. During this last year I have been working as a Foreign Relations Specialist at the Albanian Post. One of my biggest hobbies is learning foreign languages. (more…)

Lincoln Grixti, mentor of Urška Keup


Hello there, my name is Lincoln Grixti and I’m from Malta. I am 27 years old and currently residing in Liverpool, UK, while reading for my Masters Degree. (more…)

Jelena Drobac, mentor of Elvis Kurtič


Hi, my name is Jelena Drobac. I live in Serbia in Belgrade. I am working in NGO called Eko Planeta. In my free time I dance folk and do sports. I also have a young dog called Ara. I like to read and travel. (more…)