David Redrago, mentor of Lara Jerkovič


My name is David Redrago and I am from Pamplona, the capital of Navarre, a small district in the North of Spain.I am a social worker and a monitor of free time and leisure looking for a job (but it´s really difficult) and this year I am going to start my Master about Intervention with people, families and groups.

I love all sports and I am training football and usually I am going to play frontends and paddle. I like hanging out with my friends. I know many things about the programme YIA (Youth in Action) and I was participating in many trainings, youth exchanges and EVS (European Voluntary Service). If you want to know more about me, just ask me.

Why is intercultural dialogue important in general?

In my opinion, intercultural dialogue is one of the best tools to know more things about other cultures, to see different traditions and manners that other people are living and to enrich your own personal experience.