Brina Brigadir, young ambassador of Litva

Brina Brigadir

My name is Brina Brigadir and I am 16 years old. I come from Maribor where I am also visiting Secondary School. In my free time I like going for long walks, taking photos and spending time with my friends and family. I spent my last 2 years mostly in dance hall. I have a brother who is 12 years old and I´m trying to help him with advices as much as I can. I also like listening to people and helping them when they are in trouble. I´ve decided to become a young ambassador of intercultural dialouge because I like meeting new people and their culture. I think that we are expanding our horizons with exploring new places and cultures. I would like to get to know as many as I can in the future as every advanture I had is kept as my good memory.